Bioware asks fans for help with Dragon Age 3

Bioware doesn't want to pull another Mass Effect 3 controversy

A third installment of fantasy RPG Dragon Age is on its way, but Bioware want to know what the fans want first.

Just an old Dragon Age 2 screenshot

After the fan outrage following Mass Effect 3's ending, the Dragon Age team is now reaching out to their fans to ask what they want to see in the third Dragon Age.

Executive Producer Mark Darrah extended the invitation to fans openly asking "What does Dragon Age mean to you, and where would you like to see it go? We're excited to hear what you have to say."

Bioware also hosted a panel at PAX East where they discussed where the franchise was headed and you can view the discussion on Bioware's blog. By the end, it was an exchange of ideas between the team, Bioware and fans.

Every month Bioware will post a new discussion topic for Dragon Age 3 on their blog, where fans can put forth their ideas and have any questioned answered. The team will then review those ideas which will help shape the game, as well as novels, comics and anything else that encompasses the Dragon Age universe.

What would you like to see in Dragon Age 3? Let us know in the comment section below.

[ SOURCE: Aus Gamers ]