Diablo 3 players uncover secret world of of rainbows and cupcakes

It's somehow scarier than the demonic underworld

Players have discovered a magical world of rainbows, smiley-faced clouds and delicious-looking cupcakes hidden within Blizzard's dark and demonic Diablo 3.

To get to it all you have to do is craft a magical staff using a Black mushroom (Cathedral Level 1, Act 1), Shinbone (Leoric's Manor, Act 1), Liquid Rainbow (Mysterious Cave in Mysterious Chest map, Act 2), Wirts Bell (One of the selling merchant in the city, Act 2), Gibbering Gemstone (Chiltara, Caverns of Frost, Act 3) and Plans (Izual, Act 4). Sounds easy, right?

Alternatively you can just watch the video below.

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