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E3 2012's Most Anticipated: Rainbow Six Patriots

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Further clues pepper the trailer too: after the main character is drugged a second time, passing out, we hear one of terrorists say "tell Treadway Subject Four is activated," suggesting this is part of a larger coordinated attack.

You probably know what happens next: the guy awakes in the back of a van, wearing a vest strapped with explosives; the van comes under sniper fire, stops; and then the man is cut loose - but not before the bomb is armed.


This is where Patriots' moral ambiguity comes in. Interestingly, it's where the game's change of perspective appears for the first time too. Switching to one of the snipers, you work your way down to bridge level, eliminating the terrorists who'd come in alongside our original, bomb-strapped banker. But the bomb's going to detonate in 30 seconds. So what do you do? In this case, after a muttered apology, you grab the innocent man and throw him over the side of the bridge, watching him freefall momentarily before exploding in the air below. It's incredibly harsh, but for the greater good. Right?

A second trailer further showed the game's hand: a group of armed group stormed into an office, strapped a businessman with explosives then threw him out of a high window, detonating the bomb as he hit the busy street below.

Then the game went dark until March 2012, when reports of a shake up in the development team preceded Ubisoft confirming to CVG a change at the top - creative director David Sears being replaced by Jean-Sebastien Decant. Decant has previously worked for studio Quantic Dream as a designer on Heavy Rain, a game presenting the player with moral choices which would seem a perfect fit for the ideas being pushed in Rainbow Six: Patriots.

We can only speculate why this happened. Was the target footage too ambitious? Was the original team taking the game in too dark a direction? Was development lagging behind schedule? Only time will tell - but if Patriots turns up at E3, there won't be any moral ambiguity: we'll tell you exactly what we think.

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