E3 2012's Most Anticipated: Rainbow Six Patriots

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Game: Rainbow Six: Patriots

Likelihood of E3 2012 showing: Possible


Six years after the Rainbow Six team last headed out - to Vegas, twice - the Clancy-shaped Yin to Ghost Recon's Yang is back in the mix. But, in the brutal Patriots, blamtastic shootouts across the blackjack tables have been superseded by morally-grey decision-making that'll leave you haunted by your decisions.

Or, at least, that's the plan.

The big twist on the formula this time round is that the terrorists aren't foreign-born, but instead a homegrown American revolutionary group called the 'True Patriots'. Highly trained, organised, and fighting against what they perceive to be the corrupt practices of politicians and corporate figures, their number one goal is to take back the country - whatever the cost. That means bombings. That means kidnappings. That means you better pack the Elastoplast.

First introduced via some impressive "target gameplay" footage in November 2011, things open in a plush house, where an unidentified male character is being wished a happy birthday by his wife. Then things go wrong.

A group of Grade A psychos burst in, knock the main character out, and when he wakes up his worst nightmare has come true: he's tied up, and the terrorists are telling him he has to do exactly what they say or they'll kill his wife or daughter. "You really did cash in on everyone else getting foreclosed, didn't you?" they say to him, further pointing towards Patriots being a comment on the recession, its origins, and the divide between rich and poor.

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