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Ubisoft games are really cheap on Steam this weekend

Get your old favourites while they're cheap

Haven't played the entire Ghost Recon franchise yet? Now is your chance!

Get them all! (Picture from Steam)

To celebrate what they're calling "Ubisoft Publisher Weekend", Steam is offering 33% off the Ubisoft catalogue today along with 75% off the entire Ghost Recon franchise. If you didn't have weekend plans, it looks like you're sorted now.

Steam will announce new deals up until Sunday, so keep an eye on Steam news. If you haven't pre-ordered Ghost Recon: Future Soldier yet, this weekend only you can pre-order the special edition for the standard edition price, as well as receiving special Ghost Recon inspired items to use in Team Fortress 2.

If you had anything planned for the weekend, best to cancel now.

Are there any particular Ubisoft games you'd like to see discounted this weekend? Will you be taking advantage of the Ghost Recon offers? Let us know in the comment section below.

[ SOURCE: Steam ]