Retailers want blockbuster game releases spread out across the year

"Huge games so close together becomes unaffordable"

You guys aren't the only ones who think it's madness to squeeze all of the biggest games of the year into a tiny release window leading up to Christmas.


Retailers don't like it either, particularly when the UK games retail software market generated just £8.5 million in sales last week, its lowest total in over a decade, according to MCV

HMV CEO Simon Fox told the site: "We would love to see some blockbusters available earlier in the year, there is no question about that whatsoever.

"It would be fantastic to have some summer releases when there is a real appetite from the customer to buy games. Huge blockbuster games so close together becomes unaffordable."

Blockbuster commercial director Gerry Butler also said: "The movie industry would never bring the top 20 franchises together in Q4 and have nothing else for the entire year. There's not a lot of triple-A games coming out in June. The movie industry just doesn't do that.

"I'd like to see the publishers spread the titles out more evenly. That is better for them. And I do think over the next two to three years that will actually happen."

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