Dead Island 2 isn't in development, says Deep Silver

Publisher stomps on sequel development rumours

Dead Island publisher Deep Silver has squashed a rumour that Spec Op: The Line developer Yager Development has been tapped to make Dead Island 2.


That's what IGN was apparently told earlier this week, but Deep Silver has waved its index finger back and forth.

"We are neither working with Yager on Dead Island 2 nor do we have any contractual agreement with Yager about any project at this point," said Deep Silver development director Guido Eickmeyer.

"Yager and Deep Silver do have a very close relationship, based on personal and professional connections between the parties. There is a legitimate chance that we will - at some point - work together on a title - and I would not even exclude the possibility that this could be something within the Dead Island franchise," he went on to tease.

But, just to clarify, he added "We have neither something in place or in discussion between the parties that would explain such a news, nor do we have Dead Island 2 in concept or production with external partners."

It's not the first time rumours of a sequel have surfaced. The first game's Polish developer Techland was spotted filing a trademark for 'Dead World' in the US, which fueled speculation that a sequel zombie outbreak could be leaving the island of Banoi.

Would you be interested in a Dead Island sequel?