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Diablo 3 guide: 30 tips and tricks every dungeon crawler should know

Get the most out of the game with this torrent of tips

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  • You can equip your followers with weapons, shields, amulets, and special items specific to each type. Press the F key to bring up their inventory and abilities.

  • If one of your party dies while playing co-op, left click on them to revive them. This will save them having to run back to the battle from the last checkpoint. Be careful, though: if an enemy hits you while you're reviving a friend, you'll be interrupted and will have to start the process all over again.

  • Sell white/ grey items to merchants, but not blue ones. It's better to take these to the blacksmith and break them down into crafting materials using the salvage tab.

  • After every dungeon, make sure to get your equipment repaired. Any merchant can do this for you, for a small amount of gold. Just click on the hammer tab on the trading interface. You can find out how damaged your weapons and armour are in the item's stats.

  • If you want to show an item to your party, click on the chat window, and then shift click it. The item will be linked, and other players and click to see its stats. This feature has been borrowed from World of Warcraft.

  • Recipes for legendary items are sometimes dropped as loot, from slain enemies, or other sources. You have to find these and give them to your artisans before you're able to craft the items in question. They can't learn them through training, even at the highest level.

  • Champion monsters are bigger, stronger versions of normal ones. They glow blue, and work in groups. Rare monsters glow yellow, and have unique names. They almost always drop quality loot when slain. Minions are normal enemies, but have boosted stats when escorting a rare monster. Unique monsters appear at specific points in the story, sometimes randomly.

  • Enemies with the knockback trait have a chance to send you flying backwards when they attack. This has the same damage as a normal attack.

  • Enemies with the jailer and waller traits can trap you. Jailers freeze you in place briefly, while wallers create a barrier around you that limits movement.

  • You don't have to keep clicking to attack an enemy. Spare yourself the RSI by just holding the button down. Your character will keep on attacking until they're dead.

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