E3 2012's Most Anticipated: Resident Evil 6

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Game: Resident Evil 6

Likelihood of E3 2012 showing: Certain


'Dramatic horror', Capcom is calling it. We reckon they spent as much time on nailing down what exactly Resident Evil is these days as they did developing their half-a-decade-in-the-making sixth entry in the series. Well, at least it sounds better than 'cinematic-co-op-action-horror-cover-shooter-with-zombies'.

In fairness, 'dramatic horror' does a good job of summing up a series that's taken one hell of a turn since the doors of Spencer Mansion were first flung open in 1996. It's a series, basically, that's mutated beyond recognition. Resident Evil 6 infects the bloodline with a loaded petri dish. There's cover-shooting, hack-and-slash melee, survival horror, action set-pieces and, most intriguingly, parallel narratives.

That's RE6's talking point, symbolic of the goal to draw in fans put off by series schizophrenia. There's no bait-and-switch; this is out-and-out action horror, dipping a toe in the waters of every game under the sun with guns in it. There are cover-shooting scenarios courtesy of Chris Redfield and his boulder-breaking biceps, sprightly fighting with new guy Jake Muller (he's also Albert Wesker's son) and tense treads as Leon Kennedy, chis sections harking back to Resi's horror roots. Clearly defined from the outset, a newly purposeful Capcom aren't making the same mistakes again. But its characters are...

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