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'We don't need silly games like Angry Birds on Vita'

Amanda doesn't like the idea of casual games on Sony's handheld...

On last week's mailbox Simon James said he thinks Sony should make its next-generation PlayStation more like a PC by allowing players to mod games.

This week we've got Amanda, who emailed in to say she'd rather have bigger gaming experiences on the Vita than Angry Birds and the like.

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I'm writing in reply to last month's letter. I do not think that we need apps or silly games like Angry Birds on Vita for 69p or whatever they are on mobile phones. I have a Vita and a smartphone, and I would much rather play games on my Vita as it has proper controls for proper games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

I don't want to play mobile games on Vita, as I think they are small and boring games.

PSM3 says: You might not be interested in mobile games like Angry Birds, but plenty of people are. Sony have to keep their market broad to appeal to everyone. Not all gamers want hardcore games like Uncharted; they want something cheap and silly. Something more casual. We think it's good there's so much choice on the PlayStation Store. If you don't want to play those games, don't play them. You have the option of both phone-style games and big, proper games.

Like it or not, games like Angry Birds are becoming insanely popular. An Angry Birds store has opened up in London. You can buy Angry Birds stereos and Halloween costumes. Sony would be mad to ignore such a massive market.

CVG says: Say what you will about Angry Birds but there's one thing that's undeniable: Rovio are a talented bunch of devs. If having games like Angry Birds and other "silly games" on the PlayStation Vita attracts developers to the platform we think that's a plus. You never know, they could go on to create the next big Uncharted-like franchise.