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Sorcery review: Fun, spell-casting PS Move game stops short of magic

Wave of the future

As the first title in Move's second wave, Sorcery is a test of the format's future. Is there more to Sony's motion-control adventure than Wii-envy and a mixed bag launch line-up? The answer is a resounding "SHAZAM!"


Which, you'll notice, is neither a yes or a no. Sorcery is the best dedicated Move game available, and makes more natural use of the controller than any predecessor. But it still doesn't emphatically prove that full-on, high-end gaming can exist without a pad and buttons.

Everything about Sorcery is simple. The story is Ladybird book standard, as a wizard's apprentice uncorks a world of trouble by toying with his master's wand. The voice acting is warm and slightly patronising, like a Saturday morning cartoon. And, because the action relies on the vagaries of waving a glowing stick and ball, combat and movement are streamlined rather than deep and nuanced.

A case in point - Sorcery uses a pre-dual stick third-person camera. Your boy wizard, Finn, is moved with the navigation controller thumbstick, and the only control you have over the camera is L2 to centre it. It's a little clumsy, and makes strafing impossible, but the game is aware of its limitation and never throws you into situations where you need to turn too quickly.

And the reason movement is designed this way is that Sorcery uses the Move motion controller as a dedicated wand. A flick of the controller sends a bolt of arcane magic in that direction, making it easy - with a little auto-aim assistance - to toast orc-like foes called Bogeys, battle banshee and ogre bosses, and smash pots, barrels and boxes.

The system's not without its problems. Aiming at enemies on platforms makes for the game's biggest frustration, thanks to the combination of regenerating health and the Move not always registering aerial shots. And when the fighting gets intense, you'll be waving the controller so furiously it feels like a combat maraca rather than a wand. But it's accurate enough to make you feel like a sorcerer, which in turn sells the rest of the game's potion-glugging fantasy land.

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The verdict

A natural fit with the Move controller's abilities. It comes at the cost of polish though - this level of visuals and combat wouldn't stand in a regular blockbuster.

  • The best Move game out there
  • Simple but fun gameplay
  • Boss battles are great
  • Awkward camera
  • Control is wonky when shooting at platforms
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