Street Fighter X Tekken 'game-breaking glitch' patch coming

Capcom on the case to fix 1.04 update update

Capcom is working on a Street Fighter X Tekken patch to fix a 'game-breaking glitch' that's surfaced on consoles since it introduced patch 1.04.


Capcom says "anytime knife-like projectiles (Ibuki, Cody, Rolento etc) collide with fireballs (Ryu, Chun Li etc), the game will crash," as you will have no-doubt noticed if you've been playing since the last update.

Tomoaki Ayano from the SFXT dev team said, "The development team is currently examining the problem and planning to patch the game as quickly as possible. The patch to fix the glitch should be released by mid June."

"We truly apologize for this problem, and hope everyone will be patient until the patch is released," added Ayano.

Unfortunately for Capcom, it's not possible to release a patch to fix the self-confessed cannibalization of Street Fighter X Tekken's sales.