Bungie-Activision contract reveals Xbox 360 exclusive title

Bungies 2010 contract with Activision has been unsealed as part of the current legal battle

A 27 page contract published in full by the LA Times reveals the possibility of an MMO styled game for Xbox 360 developed by Bungie.

Is this the logo of the next eight years of gaming?

The contract was drafted in 2010, so changes may have occurred since the initial writing of the contract, but it looks to lock Bungie into a four game deal for a series of "action shooter" titles, codenamed Destiny.

The first game in the series was planned for release in 2013, with a sequel scheduled for release every second year after. The first game would be exclusive to Xbox 360, while the sequels would then be released on both PS3 and PC as well.

The contract outlines a deal for downloadable content of four expansion packs to supplement Destiny, codenamed Comet. The plan was that the downloadable expansions would be released every year a game wasn't, meaning a major release would occur every year for eight years.

The unsealing of the contract also reveals a pay out of $2.5 million to the developers if Destiny receives an average rating of 90 or higher. Such bonuses may not be uncommon in the industry, but this is definitely the highest bonus to ever be made public.

Bungie has yet to detail release plans for its four game series with Activision, but it is worth keeping an eye on.

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