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Metal Gear: Rising footage to hit pre-E3

New details emerge from Hideo Kojima's Twitter

Metal Gear Rising guru and all around video game auteur Hideo Kojima has revealed that footage from the Metal Gear: Rising E3 demo will be shown ahead of E3.

Kojima recently shared a still from the demo's title screen featuring Raiden and was apparently so wowed by the reaction, he sought permission to get additional footage released ahead of the games showing at the industry's annual Los Angeles extravaganza.


Kojima named the image of Raiden as Black/Dark Raiden, but in a further Tweet, hastily pulled down the shutters on further details saying, "I can't say much beyond this, but why he's 'Black/Dark Raiden' is a secret."
Kojima then perhaps jokingly suggested that anyone seeking further details should be asking MGS: Rising producer Yuji Korekado via his Twitter feed (@Korekado_Yuji).

Kojima Productions has recently put a number of rather intriguing (or obscure depending on your point of view) MGS: Rising trailers and not too long ago, we also detailed what we want to see from the game. Let us know if MGS: Rising is getting your E3 juices flowing in the comments below.

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