Black Ops 2: 7 things we learned from the new demo

Branching storylines, lady presidents and...Heath Ledger's Joker? The latest on Treyarch's Sci-Fi stunner....

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2. China is the new Middle-East


By 2025, oil will be yesterday's news. Instead, wars will be waged over what is known as 'rare earth elements' - a set of seventeen chemical elements which are used in the production of pretty much any modern piece of technology you care to mention - from nuclear batteries to the smartphone in your hand.

Now, consider that a country such as Iran currently controls 10% of the world's oil reserves. Now consider that China controls over 95% of rare earth elements. With that in mind, it's easy to predict that it'll be bombs over Beijing rather than Baghdad in 13 years' time.

According to Anthony, the ball has already started rolling. "Watching the news, you see President Obama saying he's taken a case to the World Trade Organisation against China because he doesn't feel the way they handling rare earth elements isn't fair - that they're strangling American commerce. And I look at our script and it's all unfolding before our very eyes!"

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