Silicon Knights entitled to just $1 in damages in Epic lawsuit

But Too Human maker could seek further payment if it wins long-running legal case

Silicon Knights and Epic finally locked horns in court earlier this month to settle a dispute over Unreal Engine 3 licensing that stretches back to 2007, but the Too Human maker is reportedly only entitled to $1 in damages if it prevails.


The ruckus kicked off five years ago when Silicon Knights served Epic with a lawsuit claiming it was "misled" about how complete Unreal Engine 3 code actually was.

It alleged that the Gears of War developer failed to "provide a working game engine" for Too Human, causing Silicon Knights to "experience considerable losses".

Epic was accused of "sabotaging" Unreal Engine 3 licensees by withholding an improved version of the engine and investing licensing fees in Gears of War development rather than the game making tool.

According to court documents obtained by Polygon, even if Silicon Knights wins the judge ruled that the studio would only be entitled to $1 in damages. He may have based his decision on the fact that Silicon Knights reportedly failed to supply a breakdown of the damages it was seeking.

The site adds that, while it would hardly seem worth the bother of continuing the trial for such a small potential reward, were Silicon Knights to emerge victorious it would have the opportunity to appeal the issue of how damages were determined or perhaps seek other recourse.

The outcome of the case is expected to take another week to determine, during which time the likes of Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack, and Epic bigwigs Mike Capps, Mark Rein and Tim Sweeney will take the stand.

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