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Australian classification site points to potential PS3 and Vita version of Sine Mora

Sine Mora publishers have "DR PS3 Working Title" game classified down under

Remember Sine Mora, the critically lauded 2D side-scrolling shooter that hit XBox Live Arcade a while back? Well, it may be coming to PS3 and Vita, if hints on the Australian Classification website are anything to go by.

One of the listings on the Aus classification website

Titled "DR PS3 Working Title" and "DR Vita Working Title" across two separate listings on the Australian Classification Board site, the title is published by Digital Reality Software, the Hungarian studio responsible for Sine Mora alongside Grasshopper Manufacture.

While there's no conclusive evidence that it will be Sine Mora - it could be something completely different - Sine Mora was initially poised to hit PSN before Digital Reality announced that the game would hit Xbox Live exclusively.

Digital Reality Software is also responsible for publishing titles such as Bang Bang Racing and the forthcoming Black Knight Sword, and while the classification board may be referring to these titles the specific mention of PS3 and Vita suggests otherwise.

More news as it emerges.