Could the US face a ban on Xbox 360s?

Motorola court case leads to call for block on sales

The ongoing Microsoft Vs. Motorola court case has taken a bad turn for Microsoft, following statements made by an International Trade Commission judge.

Is this Xbox 360 evil?

Motorola, which is being acquired by Google, filed suit against Microsoft in response to patent-infringement claims lodged against Motorola by the Xbox maker in 2010.

The case stems from Motorola's claims that Microsoft's Xbox 360 infringed on five of Motorola's patents related to "secure wireless communication and transmission of video content between controller devices and game consoles".

Recently, a judge has suggested that the Xbox 360 console should no longer be imported to the US and all sales cease.

Now Microsoft has disputed the suggestion, but International Trade Commission judge David Shaw has showed no love for the company, stating that "enforcing intellectual property rights outweighs any potential economic impact on video game console buyers."

Microsoft argued that Shaw's exclusion order does not serve public interest, because it would leave consumers with only two options to satisfy their gaming needs: PS3 and Wii.

Shaw believes that the 4GB and 250GB versions of the console that are manufactured in China should not be imported to the US and any consoles already in the country be barred from sale with a cease and desist order.

The judge needs to have the ITC's commissioners agree with his recommendation, and if they do, it will find its way to President Obama's desk where he will have 60 days to come to a decision with his advisors.

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