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Ghost Recon Future Soldier review round-up: A modern shooter that stays true to its roots

All the review scores in one place...

"A new direction for Ghost Recon, but one that brings together spec ops realism with excellent player control and an interesting, globe-hopping story."

That's how we described Ubsofti's shooter in our Ghost Recon: Future Soldier review. Overnight dozens more reviews have gone live and offered their own two cents on the game.

As always we've gathered up the scores and thrown them in a list below. Let us paint you a picture...


Machinima - 9/10: GRFS is a solid entry in the shooter genre, and one of the standout third-person shooter experiences on any console. The emphasis on intel and squads make this a must-have for anyone looking to play as a team and work together.
OXM US - 9.0: Future Soldier's campaign does lose its stealthy way a bit right at the end, and the presentation can be rough at times, just like the throwaway plot. Ultimately, though, the game shines not only for staying true to Ghost Recon's roots, but also for doing so while successfully balancing the memories of old fans with the modern expectations of new ones.
Joystiq - 4.5/5: Whether you're looking to play online with your friends or simply want a lengthy, entertaining military campaign, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is easy to recommend. It's one of the best military shooters I've played. It doesn't push the boundaries of what we expect from that genre, but Future Soldier takes an approach that leaves little room for stagnant gameplay or retreading ground.
Destructoid - 9.0: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is the type of title that might be easy to overlook if you're not partial to the franchise, or even if you are tired of warfare in post-modern times, but it's a great title nonetheless. Between the impressive campaign, the myriad of co-op options and the added replayability of the mission challenges, as well as the expansive multiplayer component, it's as solid a package as military shooters provide.
GameTrailers - 8.3: If you buy games for the single-player experience it's hard to recommend Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Once you hop online it's a different story as the tactical, objective-driven modes manage to fill the five-year void left since the release of the superior Advanced Warfighter 2. It's heavily reliant on teammates who are willing to play specific roles, but with a group of dedicated soldiers it's a war that you'll want to keep fighting.
Metro - 8/10: An impressively well balanced shooter that manages to deliver a diverse and innovative feature set that should please almost everyone.
G4 - 4/5: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is an exceptional game housed in an exceedingly generic shell. The parts that work well do so brilliantly, while those that don't only serve to make the game feel incomplete. There are things that will annoy the hell out of you, no question, but there's also a ridiculous amount of fun to be had. My advice to shooter fans: get over it. For any of its faults, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is well worth investing your efforts and multiplayer hours into.
GamesRadar - 8: Although Ubisoft missed the mark in creating a genuinely unique, futuristic setting, the tactical, slow-paced gameplay and unique squad-based experience sets Future Soldier apart from the typical shooter.
OPM UK - 8: Although it's generally a pretty game, poor character models and clipping make the cast of genero-men look like beardy versions of Morph. For all the novels sold, Clancy's PS3 titles still can't tell a compelling story, either. Yet with such a brilliantly playful toolset and strong online features (including four-player campaign co-op and a compelling wave-based Guerrilla mode) this is the most impressive soldier since that blue American bloke with the indestructible shield.
Edge - 8: In the overmasculine world of the thirdperson shooter, this is a game that stands out for being delicately beautiful even as it delivers brutal thrills.
Eurogamer - 8/10: Future Soldier is not as smart as it could be and there's clearly a more distinctive game hiding behind all the second-hand bombast. But while Future Soldier risks losing itself in the crowd of similar widescreen War on Terror blockbusters, it at least borrows its elements wisely, serves them up with style and polish, and retains enough of its strategic core to make it an easy recommendation for those hungry for another tour of duty.
OXM UK - 8: All it's lacking is confidence. The game might not once dare to underwhelm, but moments of true brilliance tend to emerge from the art direction - creeping into the mouth of a supertanker, shooting your way out of a dank church, clambering through a shattered Nigerian school. That the most impressive thing in a game about wholesale murder is the visuals suggests that Ubisoft might be using the drawing board the wrong way - but regardless, it's produced a shooter that's well worth your time.
GameInformer - 7.50: Tom Clancy shooters have always drawn in military enthusiasts, but after a five-year hiatus Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is facing a much different battlefield. The co-op and competitive multiplayer offer adequate experiences, but the aged graphics, unrefined controls, and cliché-ridden campaign betray the Future Soldier premise and compromise the game's ability to compete with more technologically refined shooters.
GameSpot - 7.5: The action rarely transcends present-day standards, but Ghost Recon: Future Soldier proves that there is still a lot of fun to be found on the battlefields of the future.
IncGamers - 7/10: Not quite the sum of its parts thanks to awkward level design and a reliance on repetition. Technically sound, but the overall experience fails to hit the high notes.
X360A - 70: A disappointing entry in the Ghost Recon series, Future Soldier is undoubtedly a solid third-person shooter, but sadly it's nothing more and nothing less. Shame.
VideoGamer - 7: While there's enough to like about Future Soldier, it doesn't quite live up to the pedigree of the series. Occasionally ambitious but ultimately too afraid to deviate from the genre's well-worn formulas, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier feels like it's stuck in the past.
ShopTo - Outstanding: Whatever your take is on Third Person Shooters, it can't be denied that Ubisoft has a pretty outstanding game on its hands here. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier may have taken its sweet time to get here, but it's been more than worth the wait. Not only does the game look fantastic, but it provides a solid campaign, the hugely enjoyable Guerilla mode and tops all this off with a feature packed team based multiplayer mode that is different enough stand out from the usual 'me too' crowd.
Polygon - 7/10: While the last half hour doesn't ruin Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, it is a disappointing coda to a game struggling to find a reason to exist. There are glimmers of Red Storm's previous dedication to authenticity and feel, but in a quest for a wider audience, Future Soldier loses sight of the series' earlier appeal, and struggles to find a new role. Wherever the future lies for Future Soldier, Ubisoft has left its past behind.