The Witcher 2 dev teases 'major announcement' on May 30

CD Projekt RED preparing big news for Group Summer Conference 2012

CD Projekt RED, developer of The Witcher series, has said it's got a "major announcement" planned for its conference on May 30.


Studio boss man Marcin Iwiński has released a video below to tease the announcement, wearing a Smurfs t-shirt he promises has nothing to do with the announcement - thankfully.

The news will come out of CDPR's Group Summer Conference 2012 on May 30, kicking off at 5PM GMT. The video below discloses details of live streams if you're interested.

With multiple projects on the go - including, as most recently revealed, a fantasy RPG and a separate gun-featuring RPG "in a brand new setting" - the announcement is up for speculation.

But we know many of you will be hoping the announcement involves something with a '3' in its title.

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