Bizarre details emerge from Bungie-Activision contract

Easter eggs, presents, ESRB ratings... oh my!

Earlier this week, we discovered that the Bungie-Activision contract which hinted at Bungie's next big shooter. Now even more quirky details have emerged from the 27 page contract.


The contract between Bungie and Activision revealed that a series of "action shooter" titles codenamed Destiny would be the next big thing from Bungie, including four games and four downloadable expansion packs (Comet) covering eight years.

Today, more details have surfaced from the contract, and some are actually quite bizarre. Develop looked deep into the contract and discovered that every detail of the Destiny series has been given a once over with a fine tooth comb.

Bungie has agreed to make a game that fits nicely into a "Teen" rating, but even more bizarrely, the contract actually outlines that every Bungie employee can only receive two Activision games as gifts each year.

It has also been stated that Bungie can only begin working on action shooters other than Destiny in 2018. Valve, Gearbox and Epic have been "banned from developing any Destiny or Comet conversions or adaptations." Bungie will have to wait until 2022 before they are "given the rights to publish Destiny projects for itself, or with a publisher other than Activision," however Acitivision still have first negotiating rights to publish any future Destiny titles.

A rather peculiar stipulation in the contract is that "before commercial release of all games in the contract, Bungie must provide Activision with all Easter eggs it has spliced into the game. Activision, following certification process, must provide Bungie with the same list."

Activision has also allowed Bungie to receive "1000 Destiny games after their release to keep, play, share and promote the game."

More details regarding Destiny, and this bizarre contract will surely emerge over the next few weeks, so be sure to keep an eye out.

The contract does seem to have some odd stipulations drawn in. What do you make of the agreement? Are you excited to hear more about Destiny, or more interested in finding crazy details in the contract? Let us know in the comment section below.