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Molyneux's new project is '22 Experiments', first due in 6 weeks

Digital releases will be "very, very different, unusual, I think very intriguing things"

Peter Molyneux's first post-Lionhead and Microsoft project is called 22 Experiments.


The designer told BeefJack that 22 Experiments will be a series of experimental games released digitally as the studio works towards its "final product".

Platforms have yet to be confirmed but the first release will "hopefully" arrive in "about six weeks". Molyneux described the experiments as "very, very different, unusual, I think very intriguing things," and said his studio's passion is to use the technology around us "in a way that no one else has".

"I am fed up to the back teeth of consuming other people's visions - of directors' and screenwriters' ideas of what a hero should be; of novelists writing stories that they think are good but I think are rubbish," he explained. "Why can't we have stories about me? I want to have my own unique experiences.

"I love this one thought, and I have experimented with this in previous games, that you find out more about yourself while being engaged with this experience than [you would] with anything else. And we all love finding out about ourselves - whether it's through personality tests, or someone turning around to you and saying X, Y and Z."

Molyneux spoke last month about his reasons for exiting Microsoft, saying the moment it really hit home that he wanted to leave and form his own studio was when the Xbox maker's chair police arrived to adjust his seat.