Metal Gear Rising title screen video is simultaneously boring and badass

Delete one or the other as you see fit

Hold on to your seats folks, Konami has released a video of the Metal Gear Rising title screen. Nothing else, just the title screen. Woo!


The 51 second video features Metal Gear Solid 2's colossal douche and all around pansy Raiden posing in his new badass ninja form.

The camera does some dynamic swooping and there's the odd flash of lightning in a desperate attempt to draw attention away from the fact that it's just a man with a sword standing near on motionless.

Earlier this week Hideo Kojima said that footage from the Metal Gear: Rising E3 demo will be shown ahead of next month's show. We're hoping this isn't what he was referring to. Don't get us wrong, Raiden looks cooler than ever, but we want more.

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