The 10 Games That Will Save Nintendo

... and why we need Wii U NOW

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How cruel was it to debut Wii U with a game so far on the horizon? Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma says he has no interest in repeating Skyward Sword's five-year dev cycle, but don't expect to sink into HD Hyrule yet. Iwata has started to use Zelda as shorthand for Wii U's graphical ability, telling investors the company's full resources will be rolled out for Link's 1080p debut.

Then we have Miyamoto telling Wired that Zelda might be a "possible franchise for collaboration" with Retro. We're all so busy waiting for Shugsy to talk about his hobbies that we could be missing a key reveal. He won't be playable, but if Link doesn't appear on that E3 stage, we'll eat our elfin hats.

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