The 10 Games That Will Save Nintendo

... and why we need Wii U NOW

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EAT FIST, CRIMINAL SCUM! No, not you, but the lowlifes who prowl the streets in Batman: Arkham City. Their sculpted torsos look familiar, and that's because of something crucial to Wii U's future software. The limp body ragdolling away from Batman's fist of justice. The muscles, thick lips, craggy details. Everything points to Unreal Engine 3.

UE3 is by a distance the most popular game engine out there, and is made and maintained by Epic Games, best known for Dudes Of War. What UE3 consists of is the software required to start creating your own software - think of it as scaffolding and tools, rather than foundations.

So why so important for Wii U? Popularity. Not among players, but among developers and publishers - the likes of 2K, Activision, Capcom, EA, Konami, Sega, Square Enix and Ubisoft all hold UE3 licences. Many of the best games of the last few years use it: Batman, Borderlands, Mass Effect... the list goes on.

First, expect seriously sexy ports of the big UE3 titles - one of Epic's boasts about Unreal is how easy it is to take games cross-platform. Expect all future UE3 titles to come to Wii U - so the Devil May Cry reboot, or BioShock Infinite. Beyond even that, there's the stunning Unreal Engine 4 shots. This iteration is too beefy for 360 and PS3, and supporting it is one way Nintendo could future-proof Wii U. By being a step up from current tech, Wii U is an easier platform for developers to transition to. UE3 will be behind a charge of multiplatform titles to the Wii U, and sustain it for years to come.

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