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The 10 Games That Will Save Nintendo

... and why we need Wii U NOW

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The promise of 3D finger-pointing is enough to get Layton in our 3DS slot, and Level-5's generous download schedule will keep him locked in. On top of 150 campaign puzzles, 3DS SpotPass delivers one fresh conundrum every day of the year. That's 515 puzzles all told, almost four times as many as Curious Village. Such excess doesn't befit a gentleman, though we'll forgive Layton for embracing the underused SpotPass service.

Nintendo's proposal for a fresh surprise every morning is a great idea, largely overlooked. As much as we loved Samurai Warriors' downloadable spears - nothing like waking in the morning to a massive battle rod, after all - it'll take a crowd-pleaser to sell the masses, and with them, other publishers, on the idea. And what is Layton if not a problem solver?

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