Nintendo 3DS gets complementary Pokemon titles

Is Nintendo just throwing us bone?

Nintendo 3DS owners won't be getting their very own Pokemon Black and White 2, but to make it up they'll get two supplementary titles instead... that's still good, right?

No 3DS version, but look accompanying titles are heading this way!

Pokemon is one of Nintendo's biggest franchises, but almost a year into the 3DS' life (and eight years after the DS debuted) Pokemon Black and White 2 is set for release on the older handheld rather than the newer one.

While the 3DS can play DS games, the title has been developed for the latter, meaning it won't be taking advantage of any of the features the new system boasts. Perhaps to make it up to 3DS owners, Nintendo have announced that two companion games will appear in the 3DS library.

Pokemon Dream Radar and Pokemon Pokedox Pro will make its way to the 3DS eShop later this year, providing players with new ways to capture and learn about Pokemon.

Dream Radar will make use of Augmented Reality, and players will move the console around to discover Pokemon within the environment. These Pokemon can then be transferred to Pokemon Black and White 2. Pokedex Pro is an updated version of the Pokedex, with detailed information about the 600+ Pokemon in existence.

Is Nintendo just throwing us a bone to stop complaints about Pokemon Black and White not being on the 3DS? Are these complementary titles really worth your time or money? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.