Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

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Those who haven't completed Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (or watched the ending on YouTube) and still have an interest in doing so should skip to the next page, there's spoilers coming up.

The end of Lords of Shadow reveals Satan as the mastermind behind the events of the game. The ruler of the underworld has been pulling strings so that he can take his revenge on god for banishing him. After opening up a can of medieval whoop ass on the Satan, Gabriel learns he can't bring Marie back to life and she tells him to suck it up and live his life.

The most interesting part of Lords of Shadows - and what we're dying to see explored in the sequel - is the post-credit scene which reveals Gabriel is alive thousands of years in the future, but is something a little more demonic. Upon being referred to as 'Gabriel' he lashes out and retorts by saying his name is now "Dracul", suggesting Grabriel's journey to bring back his love ended with him tragically becoming the prince of darkness.

The epilogue finished by teasing a modern day setting too. The monster hunter formerly known as Gabriel is shown living in a metropolitan city among humans. We want to see the equel carry on from here instead of pulling the old bait-and-switch and returning to more comfortable gothic lands.

It'll be difficult to stay true to the spirit and feel of the series by simply transplanting it in the modern day but perhaps MercurySteam could come up with some conceit that allows them two dip in and out of the series' classic identity and its rebooted modern one. The ending mentions the acolytes of Satan preparing for his return so they're bound to get up to some mischief; some reality altering or dimension melding could be just the ticket.

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