GTA 5 to sell 14 million at launch - analyst

Out this fiscal, will sell more than GTA 4 did in a year

Grand Theft Auto V will sell 14 million copies during its launch period, an extremely optimistic analyst has predicted.


That figure comes from Stern Agee's Arvind Bhatia, who expects the game to sell more at launch that GTA4 did in its first year (13 million sold, notes Gamespot).

Bhatia expects these sales to rake in $700 million in revenue for the game's publisher, Take-Two, who must currently be building a huge fort in which to store its inevitable piles of coin.

Bhatia also predicts the game's release before the end of March 2013 - this fiscal year - for similar reasons that others have cited, namely the huge revenues predicted in Rockstar's latest full year FY13 guidance.

So, who here's got it on their purchase list? Actually, who HASN'T got it on their list? That'll be easier.

[ SOURCE: Gamespot ]