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E3 2012's Most Anticipated: Star Trek

CVG E3 2012 Awards: Vote for the games that most excite you!

The games on show at E3 2012 promise to be some of the best of the generation. So you really owe it to yourself to vote in CVG's E3 2012 Awards in the Most Anticipated Title category.


Before the show kicks off, we'll work out which of these 20 special E3 game previews have enjoyed the most page views, Facebook 'Likes', ReTweets and poll votes (see below) and crown our first victor at the Los Angeles event. Show your favourites the love!

Game: Star Trek

Likelihood of E3 2012 showing: Certain

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Perhaps you think you already know how this one goes. Beam me up, Scotty. Set phasers to stun. It's life, Jim, but not as we know it. And so on and so forth drip the clichés from the tired pens of hacks across the galaxy. So easily can one of the richest universes in sci-fi history be reduced to a number of blithe catchphrases.

If you're bored of hearing the same old Star Trek talk repeated ad infinitum, you'll be pleased to learn that so are Digital Extremes, the studio tasked with producing an action game fit to accompany the upcoming JJ Abrams Star Trek movie sequel.

This isn't a studio that deals in clichés. Fresh off the recent critical success of The Darkness II, the Ontario-based team are currently in the process of rebranding themselves as a narrative-driven studio. This makes them the perfect choice to deliver what is shaping up to be the most cinematic Star Trek game experience ever.

"That game was a turning point for us as a studio" explains Star Trek creative director Sheldon Carter, speaking exclusively to XBW. "We learned the importance of having people on board who understand the specific demands of writing for videogames. You have to constantly explain the character's motivations in order to push the story forward. More than that, the challenge comes from writing for something where every moment or action can potentially reveal something new about the character."

It's no surprise then, given the team's sensibilities, that this new Star Trek game is a narrative-heavy experience. While some of the more recent tie-ins have tended to focus on grand-scale space combat, Digital Extremes are framing the action at a more personal level. Specifically, they're exploring the rarely-smooth relationship between playboy captain James T Kirk and his logical-to-a-fault first officer, Spock.


The interactions between these two wildly different personalities is one of the cornerstones of the sci-fi series, and this makes for an atypically chatty third-person shooter as the two co-op 'buddies' frequently clash in the heat of battle, with trademark Star Trek levity. Lead writing duties have been assigned to Marianne Krawczyk, who previously worked on LA Noire, God of War and Shank. That's a heavyweight CV right there, but unbelievably Digital Extremes have an even harder-hitter standing in their corner - JJ Abrams himself.

"Working with JJ Abrams and Bad Robot Productions has been brilliant right off the hop," says Carter of the experience. "These guys are gamers, and that really changes the relationship we have with them for the better."
"They don't see this as just another lunchbox - a piece of merchandise to sell, you know? They see it for what it actually is: a way to deliver another kind of story."

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