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Heavy Rain studio poised to reveal new game at Sony conference

PlayStation hopes to steal the show with Cage appearance; Quantic Dream working on two new titles

The studio that built PS3 classic Heavy Rain is just days away from revealing its new project, CVG understands.

Quantic Dream founder David Cage

David Cage, founder of Quantic Dream, will take centre stage at Sony's E3 press conference next Monday to offer a glimpse into his next major title.

A trusted senior development source has also told CVG that the Paris studio is currently working on two separate mystery projects, each for Sony, though it is unclear if both are being targeted for a PS3 release.

Cage himself recently suggested he would be happy to develop on PlayStation 3 for the next five years. But the reveal of Cage's first project is expected to be a major draw for Sony at E3, as the electronics giant prepares to parade a catalogue of exclusive games for both Vita and PS3.

A Sony spokesperson declined to comment.

In March, Cage laid bare the new technology that will provide the backdrop to his next game. A seven-minute video demo, called Kara, portrayed the construction of a female android who inadvertently becomes aware of herself when given a name.

A trailer of the demo can be found below.

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Cage said the new technology incorporates advanced motion-capture techniques that will allow it to raise the bar set by Heavy Rain.

"There were so many things we couldn't do with our Heavy Rain engine, so we decided to build a new one," Cage said.

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