MMOs 'the toughest business in the industry', says Old Republic dev

BioWare 'still has significant workforce' despite recent cutbacks

The risks and financial burden associated with massively multiplayer online games makes the genre one of the hardest to be successful in, a developer at BioWare has said.


On the back of news that Electronic Arts has issued layoffs across BioWare amid declining demand for The Old Republic, a lead designer at the studio has said the MMO genre "is the toughest part of the game industry without a doubt".

Old Republic associate lead Emmanuel Lusinchi told PC Gamer that the recent downsizing at BioWare was difficult to deal with personally.

"These are people that you've been working with for a long time that you know personally, you go to their barbecue and you meet their families and it's never easy," he said.

Lusinchi claimed that a grand strategy for the Old Republic lies ahead.

"We have a very large development team still, definitely one of the biggest in the industry, and we have a very complete and detailed plan for the rest of the year" he said.

BioWare is currently working on update 1.3 for the game.

In May it was revealed that about 400,000 Old Republic players had left the MMO since February, leaving it with about 1.3 million subscribers.

Ahead of the game's December 2011 launch, EA said The Old Republic would turn a profit if it managed to attract 500,000 paying subscribers.