E3 2012's Most Anticipated: Dead Space 3

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But guess what? Things go wrong. Isaac crashlands on the planet and is forced to fight his way through blizzard conditions in a search for survivors. Once he rolls up at the facility they were last located at, things go wronger: not only does he have to face off against 'Morphs, he has human enemies to contend with too... as well as soldiers... and his own brain.


Yep, Isaac's mind still being a dangerous place to be as well. In fact, he now has a split personality, with 'Shadow Isaac' taunting him at every opportunity. This mental apparition will apparently play a large part in the storyline, manifesting itself as a separate character on screen.


Drop in, drop out co-op? There's strong suggestions that Dead Space 3 will feature a co-operative mode for the first time in the series. Players will team up with a second character, equipped with an engineering RIG (Resource Integration Gear) similar to the one that got Isaac through his first two outings.

When a second player is present the story will change accordingly and certain events will play out differently - after all, some of Dead Space's trademark scares wouldn't be as effective with a comrade backing you up. Players will be able to exchange ammo and heal each other, as well as working together to solve puzzles. We suspect this second character might be Shadow Isaac.

Finally, Isaac's RIG will be more manoeuvrable this time, so he can now crouch and use objects for cover. He will also be able to dive-roll for the first time, which could add a new dimension to combat encounters. Moreover, the alternative fire has been altered for some weapons, with the Plasma Cutter switching from a vertical shot to a push-back wave, and the Pulse Rifle throwing out saw blades for extra tentacle slicing.


Telekinesis can now be harnessed to manipulate objects, which may be useful in puzzle solving or for turning them into makeshift weapons. Question is, do you want Dead Space turning into Gears of War?

More at E3, in a matter of days.

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