Will Halo 4 feature Killstreaks?

Leaked gameplay footage could suggest so

343i's Halo 4 might be pinching Call of Duty's Killstreaks for its multiplayer, if clues spotted by eagle-eyed fans in yesterday's leaked gameplay footage turn out to be true.


Speculating based on dodgy looking shaky-cam footage running off a VHS and playing on a CRT TV in a barn is a risky move, but at this point we're feeling starved of Halo 4 details and this looks convincing enough to be worthy of discussion.

Viewers have pointed out that around the 6:55 mark a D-pad prompt can be seen popping-up and offering the player three options to pick from. Unfortunately the footage is too blurry to make out exactly what the options are, and no amount of squinting helps clear it up. Believe us, we've tried.

343i has promised sweeping changes to the traditional Halo experience and it certainly looks to be taking the series and making it its own following the handover from Bungie.

Thus far it's revealed a new currency system, a Spec Ops-like mode, Forerunner Vision, the return of Armor Abilities, a contrivance for why the Red Lego space men are fighting the Blue ones and numerous other additions.

It wouldn't be a stretch to think it's also planning to add in Killstreaks, as they're a popular design element of modern shooters and 343i's creative director Josh Holmes told us earlier this year that the studio is attempting to create "a faster paced combat feel". Killstreaks could certainly help do that.

However, on the other hand 343i's creative director - and former CVG employee - Frank O'Connor added that although the game will feature both "dramatic innovations" and "slight tweaks", it won't fiddle with core game mechanics too much.

He went on to distance Halo 4 from Activision's shooter: "We want to make Halo games - we don't want to make Call of Duty," he said.

So, Killstreaks in Halo 4: maybe, maybe not.

Thanks to Cole Barrows for the tip.