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Dev maestro Seabass skips PES 2013 for secret Konami project

Mystery game 'to be revealed later this year or early next'

Shingo "Seabass" Takatsuka, the veteran game developer who has spearheaded production on the Pro Evolution Soccer series for more than a decade, has stepped away from working on the upcoming PES 2013 to focus his attentions on a new secret project, Konami has told CVG.


Speaking at a press event where CVG was provided a hands-on PES 2013 preview, senior producer Naoya Hatsumi revealed that details on Takatsuka's next project would emerge later this year.

Quizzed on Seabass's absence from the PES 2013 team, Hatsumi explained: "He is working on a new PES project but we can't give you any details on that.

"If everything goes well probably Seabass will be able to announce something at the end of this year or the beginning of next year."

The producer ended his comment by joking, "His children are getting bigger!"

The PES series ('Winning Eleven' in Japan) has long been under the guidance of Takatsuka, however Konami has introduced a new series lead for the 2013 edition.

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