Rockstar 'has no plans for E3'

Odds lengthen on fresh GTA V footage and demos

Rockstar executives and development staff will not be in attendance at E3 in any capacity next week, CVG has learned.


Off the back of intensified speculation that Rockstar will bring to light its Grand Theft Auto V project, CVG has heard from trusted sources that the company "has no plans for E3".

It means that hands-on demonstrations of Rockstar games will not take place, and it is suspected - though not confirmed - that projects such as GTA V and Agent may not be revealed at any of the platform holders' E3 press conferences.

Rockstar does not, by custom, attend E3 to demonstrate its upcoming games.

This year, however, it was suspected that the company would buck trends to exhibit Grand Theft Auto V - a game with such gravitas among the games market that the reveal of its logo, in October, sent the industry into a craze.

Moments after GTA V was officially announced, shares in parent company Take-Two rocketed, with analysts expecting the game would sell in excess of 20 million copies.

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