Witcher dev teases futuristic setting for new RPG

Major announcement coming tomorrow

CD Projekt RED, developer of The Witcher series, has released a teaser image for a new game it's expected to announce tomorrow.


The developer has already confirmed that it has two RPGs in the works - on in a familiar fantasy setting and the other a new IP, which it teased was "in a brand new setting" and featured guns.

It looks like this image is of the latter then - and clearly it's set in the future, according to the dude's spiked orange hair. That and he's wearing an eye visor and his gun has blue lights on it. Blue lights always mean 'the future'.

CDRP has a "major announcement" planned for its conference tomorrow, May 30. The so-titled 'Group Summer Conference 2012' kicks off at 5PM GMT. Details of a stream are in a teaser video through the above link.