Capcom Summer Jam to feature Monster Hunter 4, Resident Evil 6

New information promised in official website "leak"

It looks like Capcom Summer Jam - the huge Capcom extravaganza taking place in Tokyo next month - will play host to new details on Monster Hunter 4 and Resident Evil 6.


As reported by Andriasang, the Capcom Summer Jam website temporarily hosted a poster pointing at RE6 and MH4 announcements, but quickly took it down once the internet caught wind of it.

Very little has been revealed about the fourth Monster Hunter game since its release last year, except that it's a 3DS exclusive and will implement the Circle Pad Pro. The series is hugely popular in Japan and is likely to sell a lot of 3DS consoles for Nintendo.

The reference to RE6 is less exciting, with the poster promising "first Japanese reveal". Make of that what you will.

Capcom Summer Jam takes place at Tokyo Big Site from June 30 until July 1. We'll keep you updated on the details, which should emerge officially pretty soon.