Rumoured iPhone 5 images: Bigger screen, unibody design, new dock connector

Shots of what appear to be Apple's next iPhone surface online

Images of what is thought to be Apple's iPhone 5 have appeared online, showing off some major design changes.


Posted by 9to5Mac, the high-resolution images display the back plate for the next-generation smartphone, which looks set to feature a metal unibody design similar to Apple's notebooks.

The site notes that the new design will mean a lower-profile device that's thinner and lighter than previous models. It will also give Apple the breathing room needed to include more hardware internally.

The images also show a new smaller dock connector, while the headphone jack has been moved to the bottom corner of the device (similar to the iPod Touch), and there's a mysterious new gap between the camera and the LED flash. The site speculates this may be where a second microphone is placed.

The images appear to suggest iPhone 5's height and depth will be bigger than iPhone 4's, lending credibility to previous rumours that it'll offer a larger screen.

The internal camera also looks to have been repositioned from next to the speaker to above it.

Take a look at a couple of the images below and head over to 9to5Mac for the full set.