Dead Space 3: Logo and first screen emerge

Reports suggest the game may be revealed later this week

What appear to be a Dead Space 3 logo and the game's first screenshot have appeared online.


Spotted by VG247, they're thought to originate from the official Dead Space site, which currently features what looks like a countdown in an alien language.

It's also being reported that Game Informer may be set to reveal the long-rumoured Visceral Games sequel tomorrow.

Earlier this month EA confirmed plans to launch a new Dead Space game during the current fiscal year ending March 31, 2013.

The title was seemingly first revealed last September by an Israeli news show featuring what appeared to be leaked artwork.

Shortly after, Siliconera posted multiple reports claiming to reveal details of the plot. It said Dead Space 3 will ditch the series' typical spaceship setting in favour of an icy planet called Tau Volantis, where protagonist Isaac is on a rescue mission he's reluctantly accepted because there's a warrant out for his arrest.

He'll also reportedly have a split personality, with "Shadow Isaac" taunting our hero every chance he gets. These mind games will apparently play a major role in proceedings, with Isaac's shadow self viewable as a separate on-screen character.

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