E3 2012's Most Anticipated: Tomb Raider

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One of Lara's new abilities is her so-called survival instinct. This is a fancy way of saying that certain items in the game world, like a climbable object or puzzle solution, will be highlighted. It's the same kind of thing IO are using in the new Hitman, and Ubisoft have been using in the Assassin's Creed games for a few years now. It's activated whenever Lara stands still, although it's unconfirmed whether you can turn it off or not. We can see some more experienced games finding it intrusive, especially in such an atmospheric world.

The stunning visuals are backed up by a sophisticated physics engine. They aren't just for show, though; they actually figure into the way the puzzles are designed. You'll have to take control of fire, water, and wind to bypass certain obstacles. Other challenges come in the form of quick time events. It's the most cinematic, big budget Tomb Raider game yet.


It was recently announced that Tomb Raider has been delayed until 2013, but the game will make a showing at E3. Expect a full gameplay trailer (and maybe even a demo) at the event, but until then you can watch a new teaser trailer, which is very reminiscent of a darker, grittier Uncharted. We can't accuse Crystal Dynamics of plagiarism, of course, as the Uncharted series borrowed liberally from Tomb Raider.

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