E3 2012's Most Anticipated: Tomb Raider

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Game: Tomb Raider

Likelihood of E3 2012 showing: Certain


Starring a young, fresh-faced Lara Croft, this is unlike any Tomb Raider game you've played before. The 21 year-old treasure hunter is one her way to a mysterious island off the coast of Japan, when a storm hits and her ship is torn in half. She makes it to safety, but quickly discovers that the island is full of dangerous traps, wild animals, and scary tribesmen.

So it's all about survival. In all of the screenshots and artwork released for the game so far, Lara is far from the confident, backflipping, balloon-chested explorer we're used to from the old games: she's a scared little girl, covered in cuts, bruises, and mud. It's a modern take on the character, and could give her some much needed depth. Crystal Dynamics have compared her rebirth to that of Daniel Craig's tougher, more realistic James Bond.

You won't be charging around the island killing endangered species with high-powered weapons. You actually start with no supplies at all, and have to scavenge food, water, weapons, and aid. The structure is influenced by the 'Metroidvania' school of game design. Finding new items - like a climbing axe - will enable you to access areas that were previously inaccessible. Rocksteady's Batman games used the same system recently to great effect.

Despite this focus on survival, the developers say there'll be a much greater emphasis on combat than previous Tomb Raider games. Hopefully they'll balance this out with the other hallmarks of the series, namely exploration, puzzles, and dark, scary tombs. The classic dual pistol combo is out, though. Now ammo is scarce, and she has a bow and arrow for backup.

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