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Saints Row 4 will have "broader appeal"

Outgoing THQ boss hints at things to come

In an interview with Eurogamer, outgoing THQ boss Danny Bilson dropped a few hints as to what we should expect from Saints Row 4.


Speaking at a pre-E3 showcase for THQ in London, Bilson warned his interviewer that he was not allowed to talk about the game, before proceeding to talk about the game.

"Generally I'm incredibly excited about the content in Saints Row 4" he said. "There's a lot of new characters and new points of view in the game."

He also said the forthcoming installment would broaden the series' appeal, just in case launching from a skyscraper in a parachute while firing rockets at innocent civilians wasn't enough.

"It expands the appeal of the game. It has all the stuff you love, plus more stuff you've never seen in any game. Well, we kind of do that with Saints Row, right?"

Right. He also mentions that the publisher "probably" won't start talking about the game for another year, suggesting that it may be poised for a next-gen launch.

What do you think Saints Row 4 could feature in order to broaden its appeal? Let us know in the comment section below.

[ SOURCE: Eurogamer ]