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The wicked E3 whispers and buzzing rumours

Keep this a secret between us, okay?

CVG has heard some truly eye-popping rumours about what will be revealed next week at E3.

We've had tip-offs from some of the most informed industry insiders and some almighty slip-ups from chatty folks who should know better. With just a handful of days remaining before E3 kicks off, we lay bare the most reliable things we've heard.



Imminently, millions of Europe's PS3 owners will be at the mercy of a boiling hot server centre located somewhere in Luxembourg. The console will soon stream full-featured and purchasable PS3 games via cloud gaming. And we hear that the service is provided by Gaikai, not OnLive.

Despite rumours to the contrary, CVG sources say that no company acquisition will take place. True story: We were actually going to publish this as news, but at the eleventh hour an unlikely source tipped us off and said the Sony deal was with, er, OnLive. We find that hard to believe after all we've heard, but you never know with these types of deals.



CVG's sources on a new Quantic Dream title are so indubitable that we've already set up a sweepstake for which words Mr David Cage will use the most when announcing his game at Sony's press conference.

Current favourites are "emotion", "art" and "genre" (which he pronounces "jeanhr" in that dreamy French slur). It's certain to be a PlayStation exclusive - very likely for PS3. Beyond that is anyone's guess.



Did you know Satoru Iwata's E3 press conferences are rehearsed against old tapes of David Copperfield magic shows? Oh well look again. One minute he's on stage reminiscing about HAL Laboratories and with a sudden puff of smoke he's holding a future console in his hands. One moment he's talking about market demographics and pie charts, the next he's materialising John Riccitiello and his silver hair down from a magnificent thread of light.

Never underestimate Iwata's capacity for legerdemain. This year he has something big under his sleeve in the form of major third-party publisher support. Ubisoft and EA will be biggest cheerleaders, we hear, and if Activision isn't doing a Skyanders Wii U game we can only presume it has become bored of money. Valve, though, is the big question. One CVG writer is convinced the PC kingpin has struck a deal, due in part to Nintendo's new digital distribution manifesto. Others say that's a trick too far.

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