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Battlefield 3 stat-freeze glitch blamed on FAMAS

Dice "working to resolve" issues related to lost XP

A glitch has arisen in Battlefield 3 in which XP earning in matches is not being applied to players' accounts afterwards.


Dice has acknowledged the problem, and has placed the blame on the popular FAMAS gun.

"While we are working to resolve this issue we have also identified what can cause this problem to occur," it said.

"This issue only affects games in which a player uses the FAMAS weapon," the developer claims. "In any game where the FAMAS is used there is a chance that player stats and experience will not be recognized after the game. We are temporarily recommending that players avoid using the FAMAS and spread the word to fellow players to avoid the problems this error can cause."

However, several angry gamers in the comments below testify to having experienced the issue without using the FAMAS. It's possible if anyone in the game uses the gun, everyone in the game may lose their stats, but other players have contested that theory also.

Either way, Dice says it's working on a fix. "This advisory and problem are temporary and we expect to have them soon. Thank you for your patience."

Battlefield 3 looks set to get an Elite-style subscription service soon, the features of which we reckon could nark those who don't plan to pay up.

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