LOTR: Guardians of Middle-Earth trailer is a fanfic writer's dream come true

Get your first look at FEAR dev's brawler

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released the first trailer for Lord of the Rings: Guardians of Middle-Earth, a Hobbit tie-in title being developed by Monolith.


Guardians of Middle-Earth was first announced last week as an arena-based multiplayer game in which two teams of up to five players go toe-to-toe with each other as characters from the high-fantasy franchise.

The trailer shows Gandalf, Gollum, Legolas and a few others in a royal rumble battle for survival. If you're a big Lord of the Rings fan you may want to preapre a change of underwear.

Check it out.

Warner has previously confirmed the game will be available from digitally through Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network.