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Ubisoft fights back in Assassin's Creed 'copyright theft' case

Company wants to bring end to claims of infringement

Assassin's Creed publisher Ubisoft has filed a complaint against a US based author in a bid to settle a long-running copyright dispute.


Novelist John Beiswenger had previously taken legal action against Ubisoft after claiming that the Assassin's Creed IP has copied his own character and story creations.

Ubisoft branded Beiswenger's claims as "entirely meritless" and pursued legal action.

But last week Beiswenger backed away from the fight, but not without a stipulation which meant he could sue again if he wished.

Now Ubisoft is filing a complaint to have Beiswenger's copyright claims to be permanently disregarded.

"The plaintiff in the case alleging copyright infringement by Ubisoft has dropped his claim without settlement," the company said in a statement issued to Gamasutra.

"Ubisoft believes this suit was frivolous and without merit, and is seeking a ruling to prevent future related claims."

It continued, "We are proud of our creative teams and will continue to vigorously defend the intellectual property they develop."