Revealed: Your most anticipated game of E3 2012

We uncover the five games with the biggest industry buzz

More than 100,000 votes, hundreds of Tweets, thousands of Facebook Likes. When we asked the CVG readership to elect their Most Anticipated Game of E3, we had no doubt you'd respond in force. Now we have a winner.

For the past three weeks our reader poll has given you all a chance to vote for a choice of 40 titles on our Most Anticipated shortlist.

In addition to the number of poll votes each nominated game has received, CVG has also taken into account all your Facebook Likes, Retweets and the number of times each nominations page had been read.

Here, we can finally unveil your Top Five hottest games of the show. Congratulations to every one.

5: Hitman: Absolution

Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: IO Interactive


Whether it's the controversial E3 trailer or promising hands-on impressions, Square Enix's silent assassin can't help but grab gamers' attention at the moment.

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