Will Next-Gen Consoles Be At E3?

Xbox 720? PS4? Our experts give the cases for and against...

We already know that the eight generation of video-game consoles will kick off at E3 2012 - whether Sony and Microsoft like it or not.

But what we don't know for sure is who will cast the first stone. Yet on paper it all seems straightforward - both Sony and Microsoft has issued firm denials that they plan to show off any next-gen hardware at E3, while barring some kind of epic luggage disaster, Nintendo will be spilling their Wii U beans all over the Los Angeles Convention Center.

So is the Xbox720/PS4 dream over? Should we start handing the E3 rosettes to Nintendo already? Not so fast there, buster. Although the denials from Sony and Microsoft have been fiercely unambiguous, that doesn't mean it's an open and shut case. When it comes to E3, the most magical week of the videogaming calendar, all bets are off.


Microsoft and Sony are currently embroiled in a next-gen Cold War. While publicly they're denying they have anything to show, privately you know both companies are licking their chops at the prospect of getting the jump on their rival.

Although you almost definitely won't get anything more than a brief tech demo or mock-up of the console housing, don't be surprised if Microsoft (whose conference is up first) blow E3 wide-open with a megaton announcement on their next-gen plans.

Similarly, don't be surprised if Sony have a back-up plan ready to roll in case Microsoft do the dirty deed. When it comes to E3, anything goes - and that's why we love it so.

Over the next two pages, we look at the cases for and against a next-gen reveal next week - punctuated with opinions from some of CVG's most expertious experts. Up first is Matthew Castle, Associate Editor of Nintendo Gamer magazine...

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