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Broken Hearts: Five amazing games you won't see at E3

Cross these off your list...

E3 is almost upon us. But on the backdrop of speculation and relentless retail leaks, we'd like to set a few things straight, starting with the much-anticipated sequels that definitely won't be on show in LA. Here's our list...

Half-Life 3


Right, let's get the hard part over with - the biblically belated sequel to Valve's near decade-old shooter won't be at E3. Conspicuous by its absence on the tongues of PR, flat-out demanded in petitions by fans, left wide open by subsequent instalments (two tantalising episodes that made the wait harder) and no-showing every E3 post Half-Life 2's 04' launch. Despite millions holding their breath and praying "maybe this time", you can cross off Half-Life 3 for another year. Gaaaabe!

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